Diesel is readily available in Stanley, as is petrol, kerosene and a good choice of engine oils. Gas is also available, but in large bottles. It is possible to get your own bottles refilled.

Medical Facilities

In Stanley there is a small but modern hospital with good medical and dental services.  Make sure your insurance covers your medical needs because if you are not entitled to healthcare in the Falklands you can expect to pay non-resident rates.  Also see info on insurance under Customs & Immigration.

No vaccinations are required in order to enter the Falkland Islands from any country.


The Lighthouse Seaman’s Mission have washing facilities.

Laundry services are also provided by Scotia Dry Cleaners & Laundry.  Pick up and delivery service available by arrangement. 
Plot 28 Lookout Industrial Estate, Stanley.  Contact tel: 54322  Email: scotiadrycleaners@yahoo.co.uk


There are minefields in various areas in the Falklands.  Whilst these are well fenced, some extend onto the beaches so care must be taken when approaching from the sea. Minefield maps can be obtained in Stanley.

If you think you have found an item of unexploded ordnance take the following actions:

Post, Courier & Freight Services

Post comes in from overseas twice a week. There is no delivery service - collect from the Post office in the centre of town.

DHL is the only international courier, arriving on Saturdays.  They also do not deliver - collect from DHL office at the Chamber of Commerce.

There is a regular shipping service to and from the UK on a monthly basis.


Stanley has several supermarkets, clothing, hardware and general stores.  It is generally not possible to make purchases in the more remote parts of the islands.

Banking Facilities

The  currency in the Falklands is the Falkland pound.  Sterling can be  exchanged in the Falklands £1 for £1 and can be spent directly in the  shops.  US dollars are also widely accepted in shops, but the bank will  normally give a better exchange rate.  Visa and Mastercard can be used in many outlets.  Some places will also accept American Express, Eurocard  and Diners cards.

The only bank in the Islands is Standard Chartered Bank in the centre of town near the Post Office.

There are no automatic cash machines however the bank provides cash advances  against credit cards and will cash cheques from most UK High Street  Banks up to the value of a valid cheque guarantee card.  Many other  currencies can be exchanged here, and Travellers Cheques can be bought  or exchanged.  A charge is levied on most transactions.

Falkland Islands currency cannot easily be exchanged for sterling or other currencies outside the Islands.

Time Zone

Daylight Saving Time (UTC - 03 hours) is kept all year round.

Visitors Centre

Located in the centre of town by the Public Jetty.  Hosts all tourist information.  More details on Falkland Islands Tourism Website.


Good quality clean drinking water is available, but you may need to have a long hose of your own.

Weather Forecasts

The Shipping Weather Forecast for FICZ (Falkland Islands Conservation Zone) open waters is broadcast each day  at 0830 Lt. on HF Frequency 4066.1 Khz by the Fisheries Department, preceded by any local navigational warnings.  Whenever possible the Shipping Forecast & Navigation Warnings will also be broadcast in Spanish.

The Shipping Forecast can also be heard on 530 Khz MW in English only:

Monday to Friday:- 07:10, 08:10, 09:10, 10:10, 16:10, 17:10, 18:15 & 20:30 Lt.
Saturday:- 09:10, 10:10, 18:15 & 20:30 Lt.
Sunday:- 18:15 & 20:30Lt

In general, strong Westerly winds prevail, frequently attaining gale force.  The weather is extremely changeable.


Electric supply on the Islands is 240v.  Sockets are UK style 3 pin.

Lighthouse Seaman’s Centre

There is a Mission for Seamen next to the entrance to the docks at FIPASS.  They have washing facilities, a wifi hotspot and bookswap.