Danger Areas

This page will hold information on any reports received of uncharted rocks or other clarifications to information that may assist people sailing around the Falklands.

So, if you have anything you can contribute, please email sailing@horizon.co.fk


SEAL ISLAND, between Lively Island and Seal Cove

Report received by David from SV Endeavor, December 2009

The rocks that are on the paper chart are the same as the rocks that were on both the MaxSea charts I was using. The rock we hit is a new rock, not shown on any of the electronic or paper charts I've consulted.  It was actually a string of rocks with the following position: 52 02.4674 S 058 37.7878 W and extended to 52 02.3914 S 058 37.7948 W

It is about the middle of the bay, between Seal Island and the point (The Sand Hills). The shallow spot was about 3 feet of water and there was an extended area of water in the 7 - 10 feet deep range. I'll be going  around the east side of Seal Island next time I'm in the vicinity.

Kelp Islands - Warning
Beware if sailing in bad light as the kelp extends a long way East from that shown on the map.