This page will hold information on anchorages around the Falklands and will rely on both local and visiting yachts’ experiences.

We hope to include people’s photos, drawings/sketches, along with a description and their thoughts about how good/bad a spot is.

So, if you have anything you can contribute, please email

The Falklands has many good anchorages, but on the approach to Stanley one should be aware that on the North coast there are not many places to run into for shelter. If you can make it into Falkland Sound there are plenty of places to tuck away.  From Cape Dolphin and round the North of  East Falkands one can seek shelter behind Shag Island at the entrance of Salvador Waters. There are strong currents around here so it may not be an easy place to anchor.  From there on to Stanley there are few anchorages.  One can anchor at Kidney Island, but this is a conservation area and permission should be obtained first.

On the South side there are a lot of places where one can run to shelter in bad weather and find good anchorages, but Sea Lion Island, the most south easterly land is not one of them.  There is the Bay of Harbours, then between East Falklands and Lively Island there is Seal Cove, Pyramid Cove, Hammond Cove and Rain Cove.  One can also run in to Lively Settlement.  On the North side of Choiseul Sound there is Mare Harbour,  East Cove which is a military base and requires permission to enter, but a little further to the West is West Cove.  From Fitzroy to Stanley there are not many good sheltered anchorages. And of course one must always check in to Stanley before cruising the Falklands.

Choiseul Sound in the centre of East Falklands has many anchorages.  We have visited Norton Inlet, MacKinnon Creek, Walker Creek and Goose Green.

Grateful for any contributions to add to this page