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The Falkland Islands Yacht Club was formed in April 2010 to promote boating related activities in the Islands.

2017 Committee - elected at AGM 27 March 2017

Chair - Andrez Short
Vice Chair - Ken Passfield
Secretary - Sally Poncet
Treasurer - Janet McLeod

Contact details: Email:

There is a Yahoo group for Club Members which is used to share information
about club activities, minutes of meetings and calendar of events, and facebook page Falkland Islands Yacht Club


The Club hosted a talk presented by the crew of the visiting tall ships Tecla and bark Europa.

Along with a third ship, the Oosterschelde, they are travelling round the world following the old trade routes.


Raft Race - Annual event on New Year’s Day

Raft Race 2015
Raft Race 2011

A barbecue was held at the end of November 2010 at Sparrow  Cove.  Here is a picture of the “Warrah” as she leaves Stanley Harbour,
taking the bulk of the things we needed.

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